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Define Your Style

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This week you’re using a $5,000 virtual budget to lock BattleShop Closets with 2 full looks and 20 different Style Inspirations. From Preppy Closets with plaid skirts and loafers to Gothic Closets with chokers and black lace capes, our BattleShop fashionistas are creating gorgeous looks from the Style Chameleon Shopping List. A new item on our list this week is a Signature Style Piece, or a single piece that really helps define your look. We’ve collected a few to give you some help while you’re competing for style you love. Take a look, get inspired and get back to fantasy shopping!

Shop these Signature Style Pieces

GOTHIC: Givenchy Wrap Around Leather bracelet, LuisaViaRoma $530

ROMANTIC: Miguelina Harriet crocheted cotton jumpsuit, Net-a-Porter $560

VINTAGE: Valentino scalloped lace godet-pleat dress, Neiman Marcus $1,716

ROCKER: Yves Saint Laurent Full Metal shadow, Bloomingdale’s $30

ARTSY: Fendi micro floral embellished crossbody bag, Matches Fashion $1,411

RETRO: Mia Elsa clog, Shoptiques $99

CLASSIC: Kate Spade New York All Wrapped Up pearl earrings, Zappos Couture $68


This week’s Shopping List has you building two looks for each Closet. A Pants/Top combo, as well as a Dress or Jumpsuit look, so we’re upping your virtual budget to $5,000. Don’t forget to check out the POINTS & PRIZES page to learn how to earn the most points while you fantasy shop. And make sure you use at least ONE piece per CLOSET from BLOOMINGDALE’S, our Retailer of the Week!



STEP 1: Check out the weekly SHOPPING LIST: it’s the list of items you’ll need to virtually purchase using your BattleBudget. In the left hand sidebar of your My BattleShop page, you’ll find the list, the budget, and a link to our “Points and Prizes” page so you’ll see how to earn points. Each item in the list has a required number, and accessories are unlimited within your budget, so get creative and earn points!

STEP 2: Follow each Closet’s STYLE INSPIRATION – each closet will be assigned a random Style Inspiration, which you can find right above the search bar on your My BattleShop page. Use these inspirations to mix it up a little and add some variety to your fantasy shopping! The Shopping List stays the same for each Closet, we just want to give you multiple ways to show us your Style Game.

STEP 3: Include something from the BRAND OR RETAILER OF THE WEEK in every Closet to earn extra points!

STEP 4: Build as many Closets as you’d like to earn points and compete for PRIZES — if you’re one of the top 3 point earners this week, you’ll win an item of your choice (valued up to $50, $25, or $10) from any of the Closets you built this week! CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT POINTS AND PRIZES.

FEEL LOST? Just give the DEMO icon a click on your My BattleShop page, and we’ll get you back on track.



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Case of the Mondays

Case of the Mondays – Saint Laurent Cabas tote

YSL case

We usually have several bags to drool over on Mondays to distract us from the new workweek, but today, we just need one. And now that we’re focusing on luxury items in our $30,000 budget Luxury Runway challenge, we can really focus on dream bags. This is ours. Saint Laurent’s Cabas Y tote in black ($2,750 – YSL.com). This gorgeous tote speaks for itself and it’s going in our BattleShop closet.

Would this tote make the perfect addition to your Luxury Runway closet this week? Head to www.BattleShop.co and get in the game today!