About BattleShop

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Welcome to the Battleshop blog! BATTLESHOP.CO is the first ever online fantasy shopping league where you can compete with other fashionistas by creating a dream wardrobe from your favorite online retailers. If you’re not BattleShopping already, make sure you head over to our site and get in on the satisfaction! Where else can you win great prizes simply by compiling a list of all your most coveted fashion pieces?

Battleshop.co will be your home turf while you build dream wardrobes for bloodsport – the Battleblog will be the locker room. We’ll talk about what inspires our style, what fuels our passion for fashion and how you can make your fashion fantasies a reality.

Visit or follow us on FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagramTumblr and Google+ for BattleShop shopping tips and inspiration.

Make us one of your stops each morning! Happy BattleShopping!


4 thoughts on “About BattleShop

  1. You fascinate me! I’ve got little to no style–truly–but I appreciate those who do. And I love the fact that you are so passionate about this. Thanks for the follow on my blog.

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