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BattleShop fashionistas, you hit the ground styling yesterday and we love the looks you’re building as much as you do! Our new Style Inspiration feature has brought so much exciting variety to the Closets you’re locking, we just want to clarify a small detail. You only need ONE PIECE in each Closet that represents the current Style Inspiration, rather than multiple items, or even a Closet-full. Even a small detail counts, so you can spend less time looking and more time locking!

Love the pieces we pulled? Get the shopping details below.

IT’S GEOMETRIC: Marc Jacobs geometric print dress, Farfetch ($375)

PRETTY IN PASTELS: 3.1 Phillip Lim tuxedo jumpsuit, The Outnet ($358)

TOTALLY TIE-DYED: Burberry tidye floral scarf, Saks Fifth Ave. ($475)

HOT FOR NEON: Paul Andrew rubberized patent leather pump, Last Call NM ($382)

SPOT SOME DOTS: Kate Spade NY Rumsey polka dot watch, Lord & Taylor ($150)

BLACK & WHITE: Marni Metal Trunk shoulder bag, Farfetch ($2,160)


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