About BattleShop

Fantasy Shopping Will Be Back and Better Than Ever on March 21st

BattleShop is set to return with an enhanced game and simplified site. We’ve listened to your feedback, and made our Fantasy Shopping game even more competitive and exciting.

Already 1.png
We can’t wait for you to play! Check out some of our new game features below, and be sure to  RSVP to our Facebook Event to tell us you’ll be playing on March 21st!


  1. A Points System and Scoreboard: all players will now compete for points. There are multiple ways to earn points (including: locking a Closet, including a certain number of accessories in a Closet, and spending your entire virtual budget). You’ll no longer need to campaign for votes in order to win – the weekly winners will be the players with the 3 highest point totals at the end of the Shopping Week. You’ll be able to keep track of your standings on our updated Scoreboard.
  2. Style Inspirations: As you build Closets, you will still follow a weekly Shopping List, but each Closet you build during the week will have a different “Style Inspiration” to inspire and add some variety to your fantasy shopping.
  3. Demo Mode: We created a step-by-step overview of the gameplay and features. It will auto-launch your first time on the new site, and can be activated at any time during your gameplay if you need a refresher.


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.18.22 AM

Questions? Email us:

Interested in working on a collaboration with BattleShop? Email us: workwithus@battleshop.co


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