Super Bowl Style

SuperBowl Halftime Show Style from Elle


Are you more excited to see Katy Perry’s performance or just what she’s wearing at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show? Jeremy Scott, creative director for Moschino, has promised Access Hollywood several outfits changes and even hinted toward an iconic moment for the star on Sunday. We can’t wait to see what they came up with during their fashion collab.

Feel like checking out some past hafltime show fashion? Click here and take a trip down memory lane with Elle’s Evolution of the Super Bowl Halftime Costume. We promise there are a few you’ve forgotten about like these looks from Diana Ross and Shania Twain!



Planning your own halftime fashion show for Sunday? Head to and build a dream closet in your favorite team’s colors our Super Bowl TEAM COLORS shopping challenge. Be sure to put at least one item you love under $50 in your closet! The TOP 3 FINALISTS will win something under $50 from their winning closets!


superbowl party roster


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