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Create and share your own WISH LIST at BattleShop.co!

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Talk about perfect timing! Today BattleShop rolls out the new Wish List feature. If your friends and family consider you hard to shop for this time of year, this is the feature you’ll love.

wishlist fitting room

While you’re creating dream closets in our fantasy shopping challenges, you can move items you really love from your Fitting Room to your BattleShop Wish List. It doesn’t have to just be clothes either. You can search for anything you’ve had your eye on in the past year.

add to wish listYou can access your Wish List from 2 spots on our site.

find wish list

Have everything on your list? Share it! By clicking on the Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest icons, you can share your BattleShop Wish List with friends and family so that they know exactly what you want for the holidays! They’ll be able to click through and purchase items without ever having to sign in to BattleShop.

my wishlist

Head to www.BattleShop.co and start building your Wish List today!


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