Case of the Mondays

Case of the Mondays – HIS & HERS Coach totes

his & hers totes

Getting our men to carry a tote bag isn’t the simplest of tasks but Coach knows that simple luxury appeals to everyone, even that hard-to-convince man in your life. Their Bleecker leather shopper ($598,, with rugged leather and a colorblock design, is the perfect go-to bag for a man on the go. Choose from black, navy, royal blue or red. There. That was easy. Now onto the more discerning bag shopper… you. Coach’s Tatum tote in whiplash leather ($500, brings you fine pebbled leather, gold hardware accents and (the best part) your choice of 4 colors. Rock the not-so-basic black or choose from chalk, coral or teal.

Either way, everyone’s happy!

coach bleecker tatum 4 colors

This week’s Sam C. Perry HIS & HERS fashion roster requires you to create two looks this week while you build your BattleShop dream closet. As a menswear buyer, creative director and fashion blogger, Sam puts a fresh twist on dressing you and yours this week. He recommends a tote or a satchel for this challenge.

Which style bag would you choose?

SCP fashion roster

Head to and start building HIS & HERS looks today! Make it to the FINALS and you’ll be competing for $100, $50 and $25 AMEX gift cards. Good luck!


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