Fashion Roster

BattleShop’s Dress The Table and Yourself Challenge!

Dress Yourself & Table roster

The holiday season is upon us, and first up is Thanksgiving!  This week’s Fashion Roster once again includes home decor in a challenge that asks you to Dress the Table and Yourself.  How would you design a dream Thanksgiving table?  Show us how you fantasy shop for a fabulous fall tablescape (and, of course, a fabulous holiday outfit to wear)!

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Wrap your head around this! To celebrate the SEASON of giving, our friends at THE TOPPING TREE are giving $25 gift cards to the TOP 3 Closets from this week’s challenge! Check them out. You’re going to want ALL of their beautiful handmade headbands and hair accessories. They make the best gifts too!

Flower headbands by Creative Crochet – $24


Large Bow headbands by Creative Crochet – $28


Lace headbands by Gertie & Baxter – $12.99


The Boho Twist headband by Creative Crochet – $24


If that’s not enough reason to get your FANTASY SHOP on, we don’t know what is!

Head to today and start building dressing your table AND yourself today!


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