Case of the Mondays

Case of the Mondays – Trunk In Love

trunk in love

A storage trunk is a super chic way to add extra storage to small rooms for seasonal wardrobe items like sweaters, boots and bags! They also add a great, vintage feel, which we love! We have one dresser on our Dream Bedroom fashion roster this week, but you can always swap it out for one of these cute trunks.

Speaking of seasonal AND cute… have you checked out the sweet bonus prize our TOP 3 closets will get this week? Thanks to Bergie’s, you could be storing your toes in these!


Are you a trunk lover like us? Head to today and put one in your closet for a shot at AMEX gift cards and an extra cozy winter gift!


Gemma Trunk – $1,749.00 One Kings Lane

Seward Trunk Base Oversize Trunk – $140.10 Wayfair

Asst. of 3 Harper Trunks, Blue/White – $245.00 One Kings Lane


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