BattleShop Training


monochrome FTW

No dream wardrobe is complete without accessories, that’s why part of a successful BattleShop strategy is leaving money in your budget for them! You can put an unlimited amount of accessories in every BattleShop closet you build, as long as you spend wisely on your required fashion roster items. Need some tips to help you save along the way? These gameplay tips could help save you hundreds!

• That $500 dollar bag you love MIGHT be ON SALE at different retailer so once you find a must-have item for your closet by doing a general (“handbag”) search, make sure you do a designer & style name search (“Marc Jacobs Luna bag”) to find the best price.

• Pay attention to your spending as you go. If you find you have a lot of money left over, you can always swap a bargain piece for a more expensive version from your Fitting Room before you LOCK your closet.

• Use our price sorting feature to find the best deals on your fashion roster items. Sure that $700 leather jacket is calling your name, but there could be something just as cute for $200!

Put these budget-saving tips to the test by heading to and starting your own dream closet today. Good luck!


Tarnish ‘Tapestry Geo’ Infinity Scarf – $32.00 Nordstrom

Gucci GG 3190 0S0 Brown/Orange Sunglasses – $263.99 Bluefly

The Essential Triangle Stud Earrings – $10.00 ChicNova

Rhinestone row ring pack – $18.00 Topshop

Inverni Knit Fedora Hat with Leather Band, Orange – $250.00 Neiman Marcus

Hermès Vintage gold plated bangle bracelet – $899.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs Palm Tree Stripe Iphone 5 Case – $38.00 Zappos Couture

Tory Burch ‘Robinson’ Zip Continental Wallet – $225.00 Nordstrom


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