Case of the Mondays

Case of the Mondays – 5K Carryalls

5K CarryallsFall is 5K time and we all know a rain or shine day on the run calls for a practical bag. Try one of these athletic carryalls on for size this week when you put it in your 5K Weekend BattleShop closet. Start by clicking the START A NEW BATTLE button, then shop for your Fashion Roster items and stow everything you love in you Fitting Room. When you’ve found the perfect pieces, add them to your closet and LOCK it once it’s full. You’ll be added to a voting league where you’ll vote on other closets. If you make it to the FINALS, you’ll compete for AMEX gift cards! Good luck!

Think your fashion fit enough to make it to the FINALS? Build a dream closet today!


New Balance Media Sackpack – $16.50

adidas Squad II Duffel – $45.00 Zappos

Warm Up Gym Bag – $44.99 Athleta

Nike Legend 2.0 Tote Bag – $60.00 Finish Line


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