Fashion Roster

Introducing the 5K Weekend Fashion Roster!

5K wknd roster

This week at, head for the fashion finish line when you create a dream closet for a weekend fueled by fitness! Fall is such a great time for 5K races and no one wants to run them in their old sweats. Can your sense of style get you to the finish line this week?

To begin this fashion battle, make sure you click the orange Start a New Battle button. Use our fashion roster as a shopping guide while you search and store the things you love in your Fitting Room. Once you’ve decided which pieces you want to compete with, move them to your Closet. Once your Closet’s filled, lock it and you’ll be entered into a Voting league. You can be in up to 3 leagues at once so play often to increase your chances of getting to the Finals!

Head to and start your 5k Weekend dream closet today. The top 3 closets each week win $100, $50 and $25 AMEX gift cards!


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