Fashion Roster

Introducing the NEW SHORTENED Fashion Roster!

Island Getaway roster

INTRODUCING your new SHORTENED “Island Getaway'” Fashion Roster for the week of July 26th-August 1st! Don’t have time to build an entire wardrobe? Imagine you’re packing a bag for a quick Island Getaway and fill a smaller closet from now on. Instead of shopping for 30 wardrobe items, Fashion Rosters will only contain 12 pieces and shoppers will have a $2,000 BattleBudget.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few things we’d love to island hop in from retailers on our site this week! Head to today to start building! When you compete, you could win a $100, $50 or $25 AMEX gift card. What will you put in your closet?

Lem Lem Striped v-neck tunic – $79 Barney’s

Lem Lem tunic Barney's

Rag & Bone Sheffield cut-off denim shorts – $165 Saks Fifth Ave.

Rag & Bone shorts Saks

Valdez zigzag tote – $149 Club Monaco

Club Monaco Valdez tote

Lola Cruz Crystal Mesh flat sandal – $255 Neiman Marcus

Lola Cruz sandal NM

Zinke Weekender one-piece swimsuit – $84.70 Shopbop

Zinke swimsuit Shopbop


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