Best Trends Forever

Best Trends Forever – Blue Jean Baby

Blue Jean Baby

Today’s denim trends are just updated repeats of the best classics from the past. Check out our denims by the decade below to see which style icon influences your day to day look the most. Are you a 50’s style cuffed jean queen or are you more of a high-waisted bootcut 80’s lady? Put one of these styles in your Road Trip themed BattleShop closet today for a chance to compete for an AMEX gift card! BattleShop is fun and free, just like life on the road.

1950’s – Marilyn Monroe in the staight, cuffed style.

Marilyn 1950s (straight, rolled up)

1960’s – Brigitte Bardot in slim, cigarette jeans.

brigitte bardot 1960s slim cropped

1970’s – Jane Birkin in a classic button-up, bell bottom.

 jane birkin 1970s bell bottom

1980’s – Debbie Harry in high-waisted bootcut blue jeans.

debbie harry, high waisted bootcut

1990’s – Grunge meets boyfriend jeans on Drew Barrymore.

dre barrymore 1990s grunge:baggy boyfriend

2000’s – Sienna Miller in the iconic skinny jean.



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