On the 7th Day

FashINDECISION – On the 7th Day…

fashindecision 7th day

Help! We’re so exhausted from launching BATTLESHOP.CO that we don’t even have the energy to decide which clothes to lounge in today! All we care about this Sunday is staying very, very comfy. We’ve got lovely, lounge looks from two of our favorite casually cool spots, Aerie and Monrow. Grab your coffee, take a load off and help us decide what to wear today!

Our look from Aerie on the left has their Printed Rib Trim pant ($19.99), their High Neck Graphic tank ($9.99) and their Boho Dot scarf ($19.99).

Our look from Monrow on the right has their Snakeskin Skinny sweats ($101.21), their Poly Rayon tank ($47.00) and their Vintage Sleeveless hoody ($81.00). We found all of these great Monrow pieces at RevolveClothing.com.


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