Jewel Love It

Jewel Love It – Body Art for the Commitment-phobe


The BattleShop team is no stranger to getting inked, but we know that a tattoo is forever and that’s a little too long for some people. Well, good news commitment-phobes! The adult temporary tattoo game has been stepped up. You have to check out Beauty Marks from Mr. Kate. These gold-foil, hand drawn designs by the actress-turned-designer/stylist, Kate Albrecht, are touted as “The New Makeup” and look amazing on your face. SO GORGEOUS on!

BeautyMarks “The New Makeup” by Mr. Kate – $12

BeautyMarks 3

BeautyMarks 1 BeautyMarks 2

If you’re not taking yourself too seriously, there’s always the more traditional, way more super-awesome looking temporary tattoos from Tattly. These are not the standard rainbow peace signs and butterflies your kids get in goodie bags at birthday parties. They’re smart and expertly-designed. Check out all of our finds and try them out this summer!

Tattly Floral Set – $15 set of 8

Tattly Floral Set

Tattly Instant Camera – $5 set of 2

Tattly Camera

Tattly Coffee – $5 set of 2

Tattly Coffee

Tattly Everyday I’m Hustlin – $5 set of 2

Tattly Everyday


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