BattleShop Training

BattleShop Training – From Fitting Room to the Closet

We all know that when we go shopping, we walk into a fitting room with TONS of clothes on our arms. Once we’ve tried stuff on, it’s decision time. Same goes for you at BattleShop. Once you’re BattleShopping, you’ll follow a Fashion Roster with a required number of items for your closet each season but you START by loading up your online Fitting Room with things you love and then decide what goes into your Closet from there.

We want to get you ready to start making these tough decisions. Your SUMMER Fashion Roster requires you to have 4 tops in your closet. Take a look at the 6 tops we’ve chosen below and tell us which 4 tops you’d choose to compete with. Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook and use #train4BShop to give us your picks!

Edit Down tops


1.  Kohl’s ELLE Dot chiffon peasant blouse – $29.99

2.  Target Merona Women’s Woven Peasant blouse – $24.99

3.  Two by Vince Camuto patterned peasant blouse from Lord & Taylor – $89.00

4.  Reina Peasant blouse by Velvet by Graham and Spencer from Anthropologie – $148

5.  6397 Peasant Oversize top – $227.50

6.  Boden Cotswold Weekend top – $58.50


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