Best Trends Forever

Best Trends Forever – Top Crops

Stylistics infographic

It might be hard for you to imagine your grandmother in a crop top, but the crop top trend has been around since the 40s. Thanks to the infographic above from The Stylistics Report, you can see that this midriff-baring trend has been a constant in every era. From the ruffled crop tops of the 60s to the graphic crop tops of today, women haven’t stopped popping their abs in the name of fashion. So can we call the crop top a throwback trend if it never left? Check out a few of our faves out there today and take a quick walk down memory lane.

Top Crops

The 60s brought us ruffled crops and clam diggers.


Pam Grier in the 70s with her tied up top.

Pam Grier

Madonna famously rocked the crop in the 80s.


Drew gave us a peek of her inny in the 90s.


Miley’s been known for her shocking crops as of late.



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