The Women of The Sopranos: Mobster Fashionistas

Even if you’re not a RHONJ, chances are you’ve watched The Sopranos and “oohed” or “aahed” over something Carmela, Meadow, or Adriana wore.  Whether Sopranos-chic is your bag or not, the ladies of the Soprano crime family are certainly fun to watch.

2014 marks the 15th anniversary of The Sopranos premiere on HBO.  On this day of rest, let’s kick back with some memories of the world’s most famous (and most beloved) family of modern day mobsters.  Today, we focus on the women of The Sopranos with their Jersey-liciousness and their killer looks both on and off-screen.


Check out What Are You Lookin’ At?, our Sopranos-themed Pinterest board.   And don’t ask any questions.


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