Countdown to BattleShop – The Details

As we get closer to launch, we’re getting closer to revealing all of the details about BattleShop! For now, let’s just say that if you love shopping, or just love to window/fantasy shop, this will be the game for you. And the best part is, it’s free and you can win great prizes!


The Fashion Roster

Your Fashion Roster will be the equivalent of a lineup in fantasy sports. In fantasy sports, players are required to have certain numbers of players at each position. In BattleShop, all players will be required to have a certain number of various fashion items (like shoes, bags, pants, jackets, etc.)

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The Shopping Period

Once you click “Start A New Battle,” you’ll have one week to complete a Closet. During that week, you’ll search for items on our site (from virtually any online brand and retailer) and add pieces to your Closet that fulfill the required items and stay within your budget. When your Closet is complete, lock it to move on to the next phase of the game!


The BattleBudget

In the game, you’ll be fantasy shopping for required categories of clothing and accessories. How much can you (virtually) spend? 5,000 BattleBucks! (1 BattleBuck = $1 USD). You’ll need to be strategic, because when you’re fantasy shopping, the budget goes quickly!


We’re always sharing things we love across social media, so if you haven’t stopped by to check us out yet, you can find us on our blog (battleshopblog.wordpress.com), Pinterest (battleshop), Twitter (@battleshopinc), Google+ (BattleShop) and Instagram (battleshop). Like Us, Follow Us, Pin Us, Plus Us!


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