Guest Blogger Series – What is beauty? by Mondays at Racine

BattleShop is proud to introduce our very first guest blogger, Rosemary Holcomb, Vice President of the Long Island based non-profit, Mondays at RacineRacine Spa, featured in last year’s Oscar-nominated HBO Documentary Mondays at Racine, has been providing complimentary services and supportive therapies to women suffering from cancer on the third Monday of every month for the last 10 years. We’re beyond honored to say that some of the magnificent women of Racine Spa are not only our personal ambassadors of beauty, but also our friends. For more information or to see how you can get involved visit Mondays at Racine or like them on Facebook.


What is beauty?

According to the dictionary it is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

Is a woman without a perfectly styled head of hair beautiful?

Since the inception of fashion a head of hair has been part of a woman’s wardrobe. An accessory and expression of her inner self. But what happens when there is no hair? Is she no longer beautiful?

You look at ladies like Grace Jones and Rihanna who shaved their heads in the name of fashion. To them their hair is the ideal accessory.

What’s the difference? They choose to shave it. It was not forced upon them.

Mondays at Racine encourages our ladies to take back the choice and shave it before it falls out. Most woman surprisingly (after a minute of the holy sh!ts and maybe a couple tears) touch their newly scalped domes and say, now that that’s over….I don’t look half bad without my hair! The accessories just change. We show them that a facial, some fake lashes, pretty nails, a beautiful scarf, or a dangly wild pair of earrings, maybe even a different wig every day can help any woman reinvent herself into someone that she can look at in the mirror and be happy with.

Reinventing ones fashion is the key to keeping fashion fresh. Once you think you’ve got it down, reinvent again.

Just like neon colored jeans and the mary jane fashion style changes like the tides, so must we.

Our mission here at Mondays at Racine is to encourage a self-empowering, mind-body approach to cancer treatment, in concert with traditional medicine, to ensure wellness and vitality. By attending to the whole person and not just the disease, Mondays at Racine offers people suffering with cancer the opportunity to face the challenge of healing…beautifully.

 If you or anyone you love is in treatment for cancer ie chemotherapy or radiation please have them call Mondays at Racine at 631-224-5240 to see how we can help.


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