She's All That

She’s all That – Fashion Icon of the ’20s


Greta Garbo. Period.

It was the decade that brought us the flapper dress, the t-strap and flashy costume jewelry, so naturally we’d choose a fashion icon from the ’20s who chose to step out and step it up. The ethereal, Greta Garbo. Considered the first androgynous style icon, the Swedish actress ruled the silver screen in Hollywood’s golden era but created a signature style that lives on today. On-screen she rocked the quintessential ‘art-deco diva’ vibe but off-screen was another story.


Most famously mimicked by another BattleShop style icon, Diane Keaton, Garbo’s penchant for button downs, loosely fitting trousers and oxfords created a masculine look that was soft enough for women who dared. Favoring comfort over conformity, she once said “Perhaps I am most pleased at having fought for the right to wear trousers.”

Thanks Greta! Our fedoras are off to you today.

she's all that

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