The Super Bowl is more than just a battle between two football teams.  It is the official ending to any possibility of football-related fantasy sports, the backdrop for some of the most famous commercials of our time, and the most iconic sporting event of the year.  Here at BattleShop, we’re pretty evenly divided about the game.  Half of us are interested in the outcome, and the rest consider the game white noise on either side of the halftime show.   Whether you’re a sports fan or are just hanging out for the chips and salsa, we’re sure you’re going to be watching the game tonight.

If you’re headed to a Super Bowl Party, be on the lookout for these 4 types of Super Bowl Fans:

1)  The “Super” Super Bowl Fan:  this fan is dressed in team gear, chooses a side, and is heavily emotionally invested in the outcome (see also: face painting, jerseys, foam fingers).

2)  The Gambler:  this fan has no real team loyalty, buys a ton of boxes, and is heavily financially invested in the outcome (see also:  copious sweating, handwringing, extreme moodswings).

3)  The Host/Hostess with the Mostess:   this fan is killing it with the party spread, keeps refreshing the cocktail franks, and keeps the beer on ice (see also:  football cupcakes, 7-layer dip, decorations, Pinterest).

4)  Dressing the Part:  this fan just showed up to show off – whether in fabulous football attire or carefully chosen, chic sportswear (see also:  BattleShoppers)….As you can imagine, this is our favorite kind of fan.

So, we wanted to ask…which kind of fan are you?   No matter which fan you resemble most – whether you’re a SuperFan or a Fashionista, or some combination of both – we’ve come up with a battle you’ll appreciate.   We’re putting the Broncos’ and Seahawks’ color themes side by side and letting you choose which team’s colors win the fashion battle:

Seattle Seahawks     Denver Broncos

(More details on the Broncos Polyvore set; More details on the Seahawks Polyvore set)

And once the Super Bowl is over, stay tuned for the launch of BattleShop, where sports fans and haters alike can compete for shopping glory!

Happy Super Bowl!


Super Bowl Color Wars!


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