Want it Wednesday

Want it Wednesday – Follow your dream pieces.

I’d like to share a dream of mine with you. It’s an inappropriate dream I’ve been having about a green goddess named Phillip Lim’s Green Medium Pashli Satchel. It’s in my dreams for a reason. At $825, I’d have some serious explaining to do if I came home with it. If you can relate to being on a budget, then you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Or in the case of my beloved Green Pashli Satchel, what I’m NEVER putting down if I ever get my hands on it.


We don’t always have extra cash to lay out for that one piece on our wishlist we know is over our budget. The bracelet or leather jacket that’s been on our minds even though we know it would deplete our lunch funds for the next couple weeks. There’s no reason we can’t have it in time, we just have to budget swap and spend smart to get what we want. Here are some ways to save.


Real Simple shares some terrific guidelines for saving money on wardrobe basics in this article by Claire Sulmers. Great read that’ll prioritize your spending and help you get to that piece of your dreams. It talks about holding back on essentials that aren’t meant to last more than a handful of washes and pieces that won’t be fashionable by the end of the season. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to go bigger on things like jeans, bras and winter coats. You want to pay for quality where it counts.


A smart piece from Karyn Polewaczyk on Boston.com gives us some (sometimes) hard to hear, common sense tips for going out on a budget. Also known as, keeping in mind that you live on YOUR paycheck and NOT Nicky Hilton’s. Simple ideas like, eating dinner before you meet your friends out so you don’t have to pitch in $20 on apps at the bar. And bringing cash so you have limited funds. We’ve all woken up the next day to find credit card receipts we don’t fully recall signing. There goes that bracelet you wanted. No bueno mis amigas.


You want to save money but a girl’s got to live. Keep your eye on that dream piece and remember that cutting back doesn’t mean a life of solitude! These 25 Tips for Saving Money from The Budget Fashionista are a great resource for staying alive under budget. Things like cutting the umbilical cord on your cable box. Are you really watching the World Fishing Network because you’re probably paying for it every month. Or how about using a list at the grocery store instead of walking in there like you were just voted off Survivor. Check them out!


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